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Commonly asked Questions

Here's some questions to think over before your booking your appointment. It's important to do your research when getting tattooed especially if it's your first tattoo, there's a lot that goes into this life time commitment. Yes it is a commitment. And choosing the right artist, shop and design is very critical.


More often then not the story is: you walk into a shop that's close by, or a friend has recommended to you. You talk to the artist, give them your design and they tell you it's not what they want to do so they change it and put whatever they want on you. Or they agree to your design and the tattoo comes out not so great. 

I believe this is disrespectful to you as a client and to the artist themselves. Tattooing has come such a long way from when it started and there are now so many different styles no matter your taste in art is there's and artist out there for you. Please respect your self and the artists, do your research. Look up many different artists and check out all their work.

And DO NOT choose your artist based on pricing.


  • I'm ready to book my tattoo, What do i do?"
    :When your ready to book your tattoo and you've completely thought through your idea. You'll need to submit an application or detailed email with this information. The artist needs to know your First and Last name, Email. And if you have one, a social media tag/#/@ If this is your first tattoo, or nervous about the process, communication is very important. The estimate size of your tattoo (in Inches), if its a cover up or near other tattoos. The location on your body where its going. Please be very specific, not just arm or leg. (ex. upper arm/inner upper arm/ top of thigh/ hip or side of leg) A very detailed description of your idea (pictures for refrence really helps) If you have any allergies or skin condition that could affect the tattooing process. And what days work best for you for the appt. (days and times) Then if your idea is approved, you'll start the booking process of choosing a date and time that works for you both and sending a deposit to secure your appointment.
  • This is my first tattoo, what are some of the things I should know and do?"
    When getting your first tattoo your excitement and nerves are all over the place. It's important to remember tattoos are permanent and are not easily removed or fixed. Be sure the design is exactly what your looking to get before even asking an artist if the piece is something they are willing to do. Do not choose your tattoo artist based on pricing. Tattoo artist are all different and their styles are very different too, when .researching an artist follow them for a while to see if they truly are the best option for you looking through all of their tattoos posted eill give you a good range of what they are good at and what their not so good at. Once you've decided on your artist, have a details description and any special requests about your tattoo design together along with where you'd like it on you and a rough estimated size. It imperative to be clear so the artist can recreate your dream tattoo perfectly. Deposits are required for most artist. It's good to confirm your appointment a couple days before if you have not already heard from your artist. The day of your appointment be sure to eat and have a hydrating drink before going in (no alcoholic beverages) .If you feel sick or faint do not ignore the feeling talk to your artist and they will help you out. Tattoos hurt, some people can handle pain better then others but after a bit all tattoos hurt. It's more of an annoying cat scratch/sunburn feeling that will go away quickly. Remember to breathe and keep open communication with your artist. You should never feel uncomfortable with your artist, if you do LEAVE. No where does it state you have to go through with a tattoo if you do like the artist or design. Respect yourself first please. Afterwards your tattoo artist will explain how to take care of your tattoo. If you still have other questions hopefully I and can answer them in the rest of the answers below. 🥰
  • Do I need to bring my ID?
    Yes, your driver's license or a birth certificate that says you are over the age of 18yrs old. Even with a parents signature no one under the age of 18 can get tattooed in MA. It's illegal in MA.
  • What's normal when my tattoo is healing?
    A little fact about tattoos that people seem forget is tattoos are cuts/open wounds that heal just like any other open wound would. The difference is, the ink. It's injected into your second layer of skin (dermis) and stays "permantly" be cause your colegen and white blood cells swollow the ink molecule and almost perserve it into place 🖤cute, right? When tattoos are done correctly the tattoo should heal like a paper cut, little to no scaring. Many things can happen to a tattoo that is not your fault, sometimes the ink did not go deep enough to stay, or goes too deep and the lines become fat and blurred. This can sometimes lead to raised tattoos that get hot and itchy during the summer. Allergic reactions can happen, mainly with colored ink. Be sure to tell your artist of all allergies you know you have. Or skin conditions that may affect healing process. If you notice red bumps or hot itchy/burning sensation where your tattoo is it could be an infection. Call your Dr. to get antibiotics. Occasional bruising of the area around the tattoo is possible depending on placement, if the skin is thin or delicate. This will disappear. Over the years healing methods have changed, A&D is no longer the best was to heal your tattoos. Thick antibiotic creams block the pores causing your tattoo to be clogged unable to breathe and allow new growth. I recommend cleaning with antibacterial soap and warm water for atleast 2-3 days and after that you can start to use a small amount of unscented lotion to help the scabs not so harshly. Aquaphor in small amounts is ok, tattoo balm or goo, as long as the cream or lotion doesn't sting your tattoo it should be ok to use on your tattoo.
  • How long does it take to heal?
    About 3-4 weeks to completely heal. You can shower right away but do not leave tattoo soaking in any water, wash with antibacterial soap. Wait about 3 weeks to soak in a bath. Peeling will start anywhere from 5-10 days in, lasting about 2 weeks. My tattoos in particular tend to heal rather quickly and with minimal peeling.
  • What's your shop minimum?
    $50, anything under a half hour worth of work.
  • How long till I can go to the beach/swim?
    You should let your tattoo heal completely, so about 4 weeks before exposing it to intense sun and or chlorinated water. Please plan accordingly to your summer vacations. Use 50spf sunscreen on your tattoos when you go to the beach and if you can't avoid the sun cover with a uv rated fabric. Incase of contact with questionable water (lakes, ponds, ocean) be sure to keep clean with antibacterial soap or use Sanidern/Tegaderm.
  • What is Saniderm/Tegaderm? And how do I use it?
    Saniderm is a medical adhesive bandage to help heal your skin. If applied correctly by a proffesional you can leave your saniderm on for up to 3 days this allows your new tattoo to heal without exposing it to the elements also heal without getting the residual ink and blood on your fabrics. When healing your tattoo will create an "inksack" inside the saniderm this is ink and plasma coming from the wound. DO NOT POP. And if you get any water/liquid into your wound you need take the saniderm off immediately, this could cause an infection. Please go to their website for instructions on how to put it on properly. Thank you!
  • Do you have an hourly rate?
    I charge by the piece, not by the hours you sit. Give me a detailed message about the design and size and placement so I can give you an accurate estimate.
  • What are some red flags to avoid while finding a tattoo artist or as a client?
    I first would like to say this is in no way a dig or calling out anyone in specific* I've heard many stories in the few short years of me tattooing that I'd like to address You do not belong to one tattoo artist, you have every right to get tattooed by whom ever you like. Period. If you ever feel uncomfortable with your artist or they say something inapproprate, speak up or just respect yourself and find someone you have a better relationship with. Its very common to have twitches or move while your getting tattooed. I hurts, lets be honest and you can't always control your body. Warn your artist if you know this happens ahead of time. As an Artist I believe that you can still create a very good tattoo even if your client moves. It just takes more patience. If the artist does not want to tattoo you becaus you move, find another artist there is always some else better suited for you that is capable of tattooing you. Communication both as the artis and client is very important. Be clear, be very detailed, be honest, be respectful, be understanding. and last but not least be patient. Through this pandemic we've all had to readjust to this new way of life and as buisness owners we have to do whats best for us. And a client you must do what best for you and others. Thank you!
  • What kind of tattoos do you like doing?
    My style of tattooing that I specialize in is fine line blackwork. Detailed pieces that are line based. I enjoy creepy animal/faces and objects. I also enjoy floral designs all shapes and sizes. If you scroll though you gallery youll get a good feel of what my style is. If this does not look like the piece your wanting that ok too. I can recommend another artist, I can guarantee will execute your tattoo perfectly.
  • How much does a sleeve cost?
    Please never ask this to a tattoo artist, we have a very difficult time giving an answer to something as vague as this. A sleeve is rarely completed in one sitting. It takes alot of planing out and time to draw. Unless its something the artist has predrawn for someone to get we will need ideas and refrences from you to get the idea drawn. Most clients dont realise just how much space you have to fill a complete sleeve; Its upperarm, inner upperarm,sometimes back of upper arm, elbow/ditch, lower inner forearm, and outer forearm has two sides to account for. Please be specific!
  • I have a tattoo I want to cover up with another tattoo, what do you recommend?"
    I Do not personally do significant cover ups, all my work is too thin and fine to cover up old work. But happy to recommend you to an artist I feel can get the job done properly.
  • I have scars I'd like to cover, is this possible?"
    Yes! I do scar cover ups and quite enjoy seeing the true transformation it has on you and your confidence. Depnding on how large or deep it is will depend on what we can cover it with so be open minded and give me a couple options to work with. I have exsamples in my portfolio!
  • Does white ink hurt more?
    No, it seems like it does because it's the last pigment we normally tattoo, so it's tattooing "over a raw/open wound area causing it to hurt more then other "colors.
  • Do you do house/tattoo parties?
    No, for everyones safety.
  • I'm getting a tattoo as a memorial piece, I want it as soon a possible. When can I get in?"
    I do not recommend getting a tattoo for at least a month after a passing for you to be able to have a clear head for making a heavy decision like this.
  • I got a stick and poke kit/ tattoo machine off the internet is it safe to tattoo myself?
    Common sense should tell you NO! But you do what you want. Here are the health risks. The machine will most definitely not be tuned correctly, the needle depth needs to be set correctly so you do not do severe damage to your skin, nerves or veins. The ink will most likely not be FDA approved, leading to a higher risk of infection or disease. All the serialization required to preform a tattoo is extensive and not knowing the correct method could cause you or the other person to catch Blood Borne Diseases. We are Licensed professionals for a reason please respect your body and others.
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