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Grunge Rock

Commonly asked Questions

Here's some questions to think over before your booking your appointment. It's important to do your research when getting tattooed especially if it's your first tattoo, there's a lot that goes into this life time commitment. Yes it is a commitment. And choosing the right artist, shop and design is very critical.


More often then not the story is: you walk into a shop that's close by, or a friend has recommended to you. You talk to the artist, give them your design and they tell you it's not what they want to do so they change it and put whatever they want on you. Or they agree to your design and the tattoo comes out not so great. 

I believe this is disrespectful to you as a client and to the artist themselves. Tattooing has come such a long way from when it started and there are now so many different styles no matter your taste in art is there's and artist out there for you. Please respect your self and the artists, do your research. Look up many different artists and check out all their work.

And DO NOT choose your artist based on pricing.


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