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Who Is Lilith?

  The Goddess Lilith, in many cultures is a symbol of femininity, sexuality and powerful women. It's a very common story, most of you have heard of before, but her side is rarely told.

   In the story of Adam and Eve, she was actually created to be Adam’s equal. Made out of the same soil as him rather than his rib like Eve. She’s known to be the first woman/ witch/ succubus and more properly known as the mother of demons. Much like the other women in history it's a tragic story. She rejects Adam’s misogynistic love and fled the garden of Eden. When the angels flew down to retrieve Lilith she had a choice to go back to Eden, or be killed. Instead she decided to make her own path, she seduced Adam stole his seed to then birth to her own army of demons at the parting of the Red Sea. In vengeance against Adam, she reined hell on all of male kind. There’s much more to the story after that, but what I had experienced through my young adult years had taught me that I do not have to accept the two paths that lay in front of me, that I can choose my own and inspire others to be who they want to be and never feel ashamed of that. So in my Lair your wild soul can rest and lick your wounds to then be reborn into the truest form of yourself! Hence forth Lair O’ Lilith was Created. 


Owner & Tattoo Artist


I grew up fascinated by anything Artsy; drawing, painting, dancing, crafting, obsessed with design and felt I would always be doing some form of art for the rest of my life. I also knew I never wanted to be normal and eventually someday be known for my art. My mother taught me very early on that just selling drawings and paintings weren’t going to make enough to pay the bills, and I’ve only known artists to be famous when their dead. So I was determined to find a career that would allow me to do both.

It wasn’t till collage that I finally figured out my calling was tattoos, (which is odd, when all I use to do was draw on myself and my friends with sharpies). Once I realized all the my little quirks and personality strengths fit perfectly into what I feel a tattoo artist should be, is when I fell in love with being a Tattoo Artist. I've now been tattooing for about 6 years and excited to celebrate my first complete year in my own shop! ~ 123 Center st. Ludlow MA. 

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