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Please Answer All Questions

Hello My Lovelies! Thank you for reaching out regarding your tattoo requests! I have decided that to keep my business moving forward and bettering my skills as an artist,

serious changes need to be made. Those will be:

-I will only be booking one month in advance to allow those who need to finish their tattoos, can be done in a month or so. Every first week of the month I will be going though the requests and selecting those clients for the next month. You may submit as many applications as you'd like.

-I will now only be booking three types of sessions:

Full day, Half day and 1hour tattoos.

-I will now be mainly doing "Flash designs" these are small or large full body flash pieces you can choose from on my social medias and sometimes on my website. There you can vote on designs you want to see me draw up in the future. Once you see a design you like send a message saying which one and I will reach out and explain how to go about booking the flash.

-I will still be selecting from the applications because I truly enjoy doing your custom pieces but I will be making sure that I'm the right artist for you. With so many talented artists/shops I feel its important to know when to pass on a piece to a different artist that is better suited for the styles requested.

My style is best described as line-work or black-work. Some examples are fine line script, illustration art, floral sleeves, blackout organic, dark art creatures/characters etc. This means no color and no heavy shading/grey wash I strictly use only black with all my work.

If I have agreed to doing your design in the past this does not ensure your request will be accepted now. This is not personal I just believe to better myself its important to stick with doing things in my own style. I have done many types of styles in the past and although I'm capable of doing it I feel more confident in my linework pieces. Thank you for your understanding.

I do not need to do in person consultations before the appointment. So long as you provide the following information I should have everything I need to design the tattoo for the day of your appointment, and any minor changes can be done right then and there together. 

My Tattoo Idea

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Thanks for submitting!

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