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Ludlow Tattoo Artist

Grunge Wall

Welcome Lovelies, to Lair O’ Lilith

    I know anything to do with tattoos can be a bit intimidating, but my main focus is to make you feel comfortable, confident and answer all your questions.

    I have a page dedicated to the most commonly asked questions, so please read them carefully!

    In order to book a tattoo with me, or my apprentice you must first fill out an application that breaks down everything I need to know to make sure "We" are the correct artists for you! Thank you for your understanding and patience.
    Please check out my fun videos from my amazingly talented friends and photos of my tattoos from the past.

     I also have an online store now so you can purchase my new incoming merch! If you don’t already follow me on social media I’ve got links to both my Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can kept up to date with me and my growing business! Enjoy!



~Take a look at some of our tattoo work~

Grunge Texture

What Our Customers Say

We are currently on my 6th piece from Oce and she never let's me down. She has grown so much over the past couple years I've been her client and she's going places, including her own set up now. She will make you comfortable whether you want to just sit quietly or talk about the secrets of the universe. Everyone's made to feel welcome. I will recommend her always. Including a photo of just a few of mine that she has done.

- Katelyn C.

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